Use of website

Register yourself first.

Verify your email (Please check your inbox/spam/trash folder).

After successful email verification admin will approve your registration.

Then only user will be able to login into the system.

To create family

Login into the website using your username and password.

After login you'll get the Dashboard.

On dashboard, you'll get create family link or go to last menu and click on Family submenu.

Add your family name and description (Optional) and add image if you have and save the page.

To add family members

Register your each and every family member by using unique username.

Afer successful email verification and admin approval you'll get unique NayakaSamaj number (eg. NS0010,NS0011,NS0012 etc).

Now Login into website by using your username and password.

On dashbord you'll get one textbox.

Add NayakaSamaj unique number there and click on Add button.

Your family member will be added to your family.


If your family have 5 members, then register all 5 members to website.

Website will give you unique number to each member.

Now using any one member's username - password, login into the system.

Create family and add your family members.

No need to create family in all 5 members dashbord.

Create family in any one's dashboard.