Who are we?

India is made up of many groups. Each group has its own unique cultural traditions. Many different sections of people are appearing before the eyes of India's vast customs society. The social structure of each society is special. As a result, a great social formation is also found in the Naikka tribe of our state.

There is a change in the social and religious rituals of the Naika tribe and the religious customs of the society, due to various other factors, beliefs, dresses, their residences etc. today.

The language of heroes is found in the Indo-Aryan language. Which looks like a combination of Gujarati, Marathi and Rajasthani languages. This language is called a speechless language. This language seems to be in parallel to Bhililabhasha. Vaansdah, Dharampur, Kapurtha, Vaishad, some of the rural areas are spoken in Nayaki. Currently, almost all Nayaks have spoken well in Gujarati language. The generation is unaware of the Nayaki language.

Nayaka caste people believe in many gods and goddesses. Amongst the main gods and goddesses of the Nayaka are Dungdev, Deoghavari Dev, Jhalpaliya Dev, Earne Mata, Veraimata, Khedali Mata, Abhirmi Mata, Shipri Mata, Bharamdev, Kansheri Mata, Satamata, Mavali Mata etc. Apart from Pithoris Baba is his main challenger. Currently, the people living in the city have faith and devotion in various Goddesses and their worship-worship is. Various contingent folk songs of Naaka caste are sung by songs of their inspirational folk song "Bhajan", "Marriage", "Pyaarana", "Mehul", "Garba", "Doll", "Song" and "Gods".

The independence of India, during the British Government VSD At the Posh Vad 3 of 1995 on Sunday, on 8-1-1939. Nagdhara (at that time, Jallalpur G Surat) is presently known as TG Surat, D.Lo, at Navsari The first nominee of the Board was nominated as the President of Babbarbhai Nomalbhai (Naikka). In which different stalls were made. In which the main resolutions were made unanimously. In addition, VSN At the Annual Meeting of the Dean Chie-de-Chan on Sunday, 1971, of 1971-1994. Pipaldhara (at that time Ta. Jalalpur, G. Surat) is currently on the rise. Ganadevi, G. Surat ji at Navsari The President of the School Board, Mr. Bhanabhai Keshavji was the President. "In which the story of Nagdhara Chori's protagonist's book" was published. After the passage of time, the work of the thieves of the village slowed down and the progress of the society led to unity of awareness, followed by Surat, Navsari, Pardi, Social activity movement was started by local charity leaders in Valsad, Ahmedabad, Amalsad, Chikhli, Vansda, Dharampur, Karchellia, Mahuva etc. In which the good support of people of the society was getting co-operative. But for personal reasons, the progress of the social work at all places was slow, at this time, in order to create a registered trust for the organization, Navsari - Ganesh Sisodara started "Shri Samast Naikka Samaj Trust" from 23-4-1995

Shri Balubhai Bhulabhai Patel (President) Ganesh Sisodra

Shri Jairambhai Mangabhai Nayaka (Vice President) Nava Faliya, Dhelkhadi, Navsari

Shri Devabhai Chhaganbhai Nayaka (Minister) Pitha Faliya, Ganesh sisodra

Shri Hitesabhai jayantibhai Patel (sahamantrisri) kabilpore, Navsari

Shri Chhaganabhai jhinabhai Patel, Undach, Ta. Gandevi

Shri Manganbhai Ukabhai Nayaka, Dhelkhadi, Navsari

Shri Ravjibhai Bhanabhai Nayaka, Sindhi Colony, Navsari

Shri Bachubhai Madaribhai Patel, At. Degam, Ta. Chikhli

Shri Balubhai Manibhai Patel, Desra Road, Bilimora

Shri Chhotubhai Bahadurbhai Nayaka, At. Karchelia, Ta. Mahuva

Shri Bhikhubhai Kalabhai Nayaka, At. Amalsad, Gandhinagar

Shri Mohanbhai Veerjibhai Patel, Zadi Faliya, Ta. Chikhli, Jalalpore, Ta. Navsari

Shri Devchandbhai Naranbhai Patel, At. Mahudi, Ta. Navsari

Shri Natubhai Ukabhai Nayaka, Jalalpore, Ta. Navsari

Shri Bhagubhai Durlabhbhai Patel, At. Arasaan Maroli, Ta. Navsari

For the approval of a registered trust under the guidance of Navsari Trust Board, a new registration pattern was given by the Gujarat Cooperative, N.C.View, dated 9-1-1998, in the notification no. GK / 04/98 BTP Rules, 135 / E. In which registration number A / 777 split of Valsad and Valsad district, the new registration number / 517 Navsari was given. After the sad demise of Trustees of our society, the work of slowing down of the old trustees of the elder trustees and the sad demise of the President, the minister and other businessmen, the work of the society has almost collapsed. In order to speed up the work of the society under the control of the government, the meeting was convened under the chairmanship of Deputy Chairman Jairam Bhai Mangabhai Nayaka in 2010 and the new member of the trust was appointed by the new change report and new changes report was signed by the Government through dated 17/1/12. The trustees were appointed. In which

Shri Jairambhai Mangabhai Nayaka (President) Nava Faliya, Dhelkhadi, Navsari

Shri Jayeshbhai Mohanbhai Patel (Vice President), Vasantvihari Society, Kabilpore, Navsari

Shri Bharatbhai Ranchhodbhai Nayaka (Minister) (Co-Secretary) At. Dhobiwad, Harekrishna Flat, Navsari

Shri Manganbhai Ukabhai Nayaka, Dhelkhadi, Navsari

Shri Bachubhai Madaribhai Patel, At. Degam, Ta. Chikhli

Shri Chhotubhai Bahadurbhai Nayaka, At. Karchelia, Ta. Mahuva

Shri Kalpeshbhai Babubhai Patel, At. Kadipore Street, Ta. Gandevi

Shri Dharmeshbhai Bachubhai Nayaka, Mandir Faliya, Amalsad

Shri Ankurbhai Dahyabhai Patel, Sahyog Society, Luncikui, Navsari

Shri Kamleshbhai Somabhai Nayaka, Purvachal Society, Gandevi Road, Navsari

Shri Babubhai Bhagabhai Nayaka, Kumbharvad, Navsari

Shri Chimanlal Maninal Nayaka, Behind Dabu Hospital, Navsari

Shri Hemantbhai Hasmukhbhai Nayaka, Behind Dabu Hospital, Navsari

Shri Shankarbhai Mangabhai Nayaka, Laxminagar - 1 Vijalpore, Navsari